Saturday, 5 January 2013

Busy Couple of Days

Thursday was the first sign on at the Job Centre for the year, lot of people waiting outside to sign on before 9am.  Luckily I got seen second and then met up with Mum and did a bit of shopping, we both bought new trousers, well they were in the sale so both got a bargain.  Got a few craft magazines to inspire me for the year ahead.

Friday was a busy day, spent helping Mum doing the weekly food shop, sitting waiting for her to have her feet done and then a lovely lunch out.  Also included a bit of a walk so a good day.

Today, Saturday was spent taking the decorations down, lunch with my brother, trying to finish off the puzzle and having a sort out of some craft stuff ready to do some crafting tomorrow hopefully.

Meeting up with a friend tomorrow to discuss a suitable eating plan to start my weight loss journey.


  1. Busy, busy eh Karen.

    Good Luck with your eating plan. Have you thought about joining Spark People it certainly helped me to lose my weight and is all free and online.

    Lotsa Luv Chrissie xx

  2. Not heard of that Chrissie = will certainly have a look, thank you